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Case Study: Preheat Oven for Journal Bearing
K-4RS (550°F)

This oven can be modified to suit your application, just call us at 888-763-6836

Customer Background:

BAE Systems, Land and Armaments
Part to be Preheated:
Journal Bearing - Click to see part.
Part Material:
Part Dimensions:
12.25" Diameter x 1"
Part Weight:
4 lbs/each
Target Preheating Temperature: 
Number of pieces to be heated at one time:
Required preheat  time frame:
None Specified

Project Background:

BAE Systems Land and Armaments in Lemont Furnace, PA needed a robust,  bench-top oven for preheating steel journal bearings prior to welding  onto tank tracks.  The target preheating temperature was 450°F.  The  BAE systems engineers wanted the bearings to be stored in the preheat oven standing up, so the cradled shelving style was recommended to keep the parts from rolling out.  Learn more about Batch Ovens.

The K-4RS cradled shelving was extended slightly to accommodate the bearings.   The standard maximum temperature of the K-4RS oven is 250°F, but BAE needed a preheating temperature of 450°F.  They liked the oven size for their application, so the K-4RS preheat oven insulation was increased from 1" to 2", and a 550°F max dial thermostat was installed.   Request for quick turnaround was accomplished.

K-4RS (550°F) Preheat Oven Specifications:

Shelving Style:  Cradled
Temperature Control: Dial Adjustable
Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 1000W
Thermometer: N/A
On/Off Light: Yes
Insulation: 2"
Thermostat: Max Temp: 550F
Interior Dims:  18"L x 18"W x 18"H
Exterior Dims:  23"L x 22.25"W x 21.5"H
Net Weight:  79 lbs.
Shipping Weight:  90 lbs.

Oven Construction


The K-4RS (550°F) heat treating oven is constructed of carbon steel throughout.  The oven exterior has a highly durable, powder-coat finish in blue that is resistant to scratching and corrosion.  This a front-loading, bench-top style preheating oven and is designed to be stored on an elevated surface for ease of access to the parts being preheated.  The door hinges are tack-welded to ensure smooth operation for many years.  The control panel which houses the dial adjustable thermostat is mounted on the side of the oven with heavy-duty rivets.  A standard "ON/OFF"  indicating light was also provided, which is bright enough to be seen from a distance.  A variety of temperature control methods are available at


The cradled-shelving style of the K-4RS preheat oven is curved, preventing round parts from rolling out of the oven when the door is opened.  The shelf is perforated which allows the heat from underneath to radiate through the shelf and heat the part effectively.   Various shelving styles are available at suitable for almost any custom preheating application.  The element on the K-4RS is a 1000W tubular type, and is protected by the shelf itself.  The interior of all our preheating ovens are painted with a reflective, galvanized paint and the interior welds are touched up with high-temperature aluminum paint.

All our preheating ovens are made in the USA and feature a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.  Parts are readily available.

Oven Photos

Part to be Preheated


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